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Anvil Technology takes its inspiration from the anvil – a powerful platform that receives and then transfers energy to produce greater results.  


The Anvil team adds value to construction projects through expert construction support services and through the introduction of construction innovation with respect to technology and strategies.


Our clients include building owners, operators and insurers who see the benefit of engaging independent and dedicated experts to improve construction project results. Our ability to deliver effective overall management and appropriately introduce modern methods of construction consistently, enables clients to complete their projects with confidence.


Meet The Team
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Mark Solomon

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Modern approaches to construction can include innovation at any stage: design, materials, fabrication or even process control. Anvil facilitates the integration of innovation into construction projects. 

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Construction Innovation

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Anvil provides Owner’s Representation / Project Management for the life of a construction project. This essential role supports owner's who would benefit from a dedicated independent expert to advocate for your vision, assemble a skilled team, act as a day-to-day communication hub, anticipate issues during design and construction and identify opportunities to innovate and save cost. 

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Construction Support Services

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What We Offer
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